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Type Love: Brandon Text typeface by HVD Fonts

Brandon Text , by designer Hannes von Döhren of the Berlin based HVD Fonts foundry, is an elegant extension of the Brandon Grotesque family that has be optimized for long paragraphs, small sizes and screen reading. The family consists of six weights, in 2 styles, all including alternate numbers, letters, fractions, and an extended character set of additional languages.

The Brandon Text family is on sale right now on MyFonts for only $174.30.

Brandon Text by HVD Fonts

Type Love: Blanch by Atipus

Blanch is a brilliant typeface by Barcelona based design firm Atipus. The typeface was inspired by 50s style san serifs and the rounded simplified type of most impression labeling machines. The typeface comes with 6 weights and is available on Lost Type Co-Op as a pay-what-you-want download.Type Love Blanch by Atipus

‘Special Delivery’ mad lib love letters by Love Letters Paper Co.

Special Delivery, is a boxed set of 5 fill-in-the-blank note cards. Each card has the beginnings of a message that can go either sweet or sultry and it’s sure to get a smile out of anyone getting one in the mail.

Love Letter’s entire line of products are hand printed on French paper in Philadelphia by hand. The cards come beautifully boxed (5 for $18.50) or as singles (for $5.50) and are available on the Letters Paper Co. Etsy shop.

Special Delivery Note Cards by Love Letters


Black on White House by Fabi Architekten

The Black on White house, by Regensburg Germany based architecture firm Fabi Architekten, is a beautiful and minimal dwelling built on the location of the former guard house to the castle Schönberg.

Black on White House by Fabi Architekten

— Via Contemporist

On A String Table by OK Design

On A String Table by Copenhagen based firm OK Design, is a beautiful combination of wood, steel and rope. Working perfectly as either a desk or a dining table, On A String goes together with only eight bolts, four screws and couple feet of cleverly threaded rope.

Available in two sizes and finishes, 170x90cm or 200x90cm and in either black linoleum or white laminate, the table can be further customized by changing the color or material of the rope. On a String can be purchased direct from OK Design within Europe starting at 1250€ (about $1,700.)

On A String Table by OK Design

— Via MocoLoco

Type Love: Olio by Max Little of Little Fonts

Olio, by designer Max Little of Little Fonts, is a quirky, chunky geometric san serif typeface that comes with a lighter inline version inspired by the work of designer Lance Wyman in his iconic Mexico ’68 Olympic identity. Olio is available on MyFonts as a set for only $30.

Type Love Olio by Little FontsType Love Olio by Little Fonts

— Via DesignWorkLife

L’étagère-en-bois Shelving by Lucien Gumy

L’étagère-en-bois shelving, by Lucien Gumy, is utter simplicity in solid oak shelving form. An ingenious system that requires no tools (thanks to is beautiful dovetail construction) and allows the user to create infinite configurations.

L'étagère-en-bois Shelving by Lucien Gumy

— Via CoolHunting

Y Collection by A+A Cooren for La Redoute

The Y Console and Y Table, designed by the Paris based studio A+A Cooren for La Redoute, uses simple bent steel legs and thick birch plywood tops to create elegant tables with natural details. The Y Console table uses gravity to support itself on a single pair of legs, leaning against the wall while the Y Table is free standing.

Y Collection by A+A Cooren for La Redoute

— Via DesignBoom

Day Bed One by Another Country

The beautiful, comfortable and elegant Day Bed One by Another Country brings simple forms together with traditional techniques and materials to create a piece that is as at home as a day seat as it is a bed. The structure is hand built from solid FSC oak with a cushion made from organic latex wrapped in organic coir and wool with beautiful Bute fabric.

Day Bed One by Another Country

Clopen Shelf by Torafu Architects

The minimal Clopen Shelf by the Japanese firm Torafu Architects hides a secret drawer inside that is only accessible with a magnetic key. The shelf is built from aluminum and clad in beautiful oak veneer and is perfect for hiding your precious little items.
Clopen Shelf by Torafu Architects

— Via The Milanese

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