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Nadex Identity by Zoltan Balogh

I’m really loving this clean, simple and utterly beautiful identity and website, designed by Budapest based Zoltan Balogh, for the Hungary based agricultural company Nadex.

Nadex Identity by Zoltan Balogh

Elements of Content Strategy from A Book Apart Launching March 8th

A Book Apart, a publisher of “brief books for people who make websites,” is releasing their newest book, Elements of Content Strategy, on March 8th! The book, written by Erin Kissane of Brain Traffic, explores the web’s newest trend of Content Strategy & explains everything from its roots, what it means for you, to how to do it well.

The book was designed by the talented Jason Santa Maria and edited by Mandy Brown.

Elements of Content Strategy by A Book Apart

Book photo by Jason Santa Maria

— Via Campsite

Mom, this is how Twitter works by Jessica Hische

This is totally funny, and useful! The ever talented Jessica Hische as created a live website version of her wildly popular “Mom, This is how Twitter works” infographic! The website give moms (and anyone else wondering) a full breakdown of all the twitting etiquette and techniques in simple layman’s terms.

Mom, this is how Twitter works by Jessica Hische

Fonts In Use, a new type website

Fonts In Use is a brand new website from Nick Sherman, Stephen Coles & Sam Berlow, with contributions from Indra Kupferschmid & Marc Oxborrow that profiles typefaces in use across all manor of graphic design projects. The Fonts In Use contributors critique how the fonts were used, link to where you can find the fonts for your use, and suggest possible alternates. This looks like a really promising way to get type inspiration as well as find new fonts for your own projects.

Fonts In Use, a new type website

— Via Colin M. Ford Blog

The new Twitter redesign is about to roll out!

I’m eagerly awaiting the new Twitter site design to roll out over the next few weeks. Judging from the great little video they posted ( see below ) the new design will greatly improve its usability.

For more information:

The new Twitter Redesign

Dribbble – Show and Tell for designers

Found this really cool new site. Dribbble is a show and tell for what designers are currently working on. Its like the Twitter of visual sharing. Your limited to 120,000 pixels or less. Some really great work going up daily. You can follow designers you like and watch how projects progress.

From the developers:

Dribbble is show and tell for designers, developers and other creatives. Share sneak peeks of your work as “shots” — small screenshots of the designs and applications you’re working on.



Harmony – Drawing program by Ricardo Cabello

Stubbled upon this really cool online drawing tool created by Ricardo Cabello. You’ve got to try it out. Using preset brushes, you draw  in the canvas area to create some really beautiful effects. The speed of the curser defines the amount of detail in the brush, some require you to go fast and some slow. This was created using HTML, JavaScript, and imagination.

Try it out here: Harmony

Harmony Drawing Program

From the creator:

The whole thing is quite modular so I can keep adding more brush styles whenever I get inspired. During the process I found out that, for some reason (apparently lack of hardware acceleration), Firefox and Opera do not support context.globalCompositeOperation = ‘darker’. This was on the HTML5 spec before but got removed. Just so you know what I’m talking about, this is like the “multiply” blending in Photoshop. Webkit does support it tho. I hope they put it back on the specs and all browsers support it.

Watch the video

Finally launched my portfolio site!

I’ve finally launched my personal portfolio site. It’s been a while in the making, and its not perfect yet. Please feel free to comment with anything you find that is odd or off about the site. Thank you to all the people that help get it together.

Check it out here: Roger Allen

New host – Eleven2

After years of struggling to get my original host Godaddy to play nicely, I’ve thrown in the towel and moved everything to Eleven2. After a 3 hour move (i’m sure it could have been done faster if I was familiar with the process) I am now successfully being hosted by a company that really values their customers. We moved Fresh Artists over to them a year and a half ago, and we have never had any problems. If you call eleven2 with a question, a real life person answers, a novelty in these times!

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