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Type Love: Core Circus by S-Core Type Foundry

Core Circus, by Korean type foundry S-Core, is a brillaint layered type family consisting of seven 3D effect layers, eight 2D effect layers and a really nice shadow effect layer. Open and closed counters are provided as well via an Opentype (Stylistic Alternatives) allowing you to build a myriad of combinations to fit your type needs.

Core Circus can be purchased for $84.00 on MyFonts for the entire family.

Type Love: Core Circus by S-Core



Type Love: Trend by Latinotype

Trend by Paula Nazal and Daniel Hernández of  Latinotype, is a beautiful culmination of type trends going on right now. The Slab serif fonts come in a myriad of styles, 21 to be exact, all meant to be layered upon each other. The entire family is on MyFonts for only $159.00.

Type Love Trend by Latinotype

Type Love Trend by Latinotype

Type Love: Brandon Text typeface by HVD Fonts

Brandon Text , by designer Hannes von Döhren of the Berlin based HVD Fonts foundry, is an elegant extension of the Brandon Grotesque family that has be optimized for long paragraphs, small sizes and screen reading. The family consists of six weights, in 2 styles, all including alternate numbers, letters, fractions, and an extended character set of additional languages.

The Brandon Text family is on sale right now on MyFonts for only $174.30.

Brandon Text by HVD Fonts

Type Love: Blanch by Atipus

Blanch is a brilliant typeface by Barcelona based design firm Atipus. The typeface was inspired by 50s style san serifs and the rounded simplified type of most impression labeling machines. The typeface comes with 6 weights and is available on Lost Type Co-Op as a pay-what-you-want download.Type Love Blanch by Atipus

Type Love: Olio by Max Little of Little Fonts

Olio, by designer Max Little of Little Fonts, is a quirky, chunky geometric san serif typeface that comes with a lighter inline version inspired by the work of designer Lance Wyman in his iconic Mexico ’68 Olympic identity. Olio is available on MyFonts as a set for only $30.

Type Love Olio by Little FontsType Love Olio by Little Fonts

— Via DesignWorkLife

Type Love: Rum Sans by Trine Rask

Rum Sans is a beautifully delicate typeface by Village’s own Incubator. Designer Trine Rask used repeating counters and small details to make the typeface flow at both the text size and display sizes. Rum, Danish for ‘space,’ is also available in a serif typeface; both variations complete with alternative character sets, ligatures and swashes.

Rum Sans Typeface by Incubator

Type Love: Glenlake by Filmotype

Glenlake, originally designed by Filmotype & released in 1955, has been beautifully remastered & expanded by Font Diner.  This gothic sans serif typeface has all the added functionality of a modern digital typeface, a full compliment of international characters, auto fractionals, ordinals, & alternates.

Filmotype was a company led by Allan & Beatrice Friedman that built and sold manually operated photo typesetting machines and over 500 specifically designed typefaces for the machine.  Filmotype eventually became Alphatype and continued selling and manufacturing the machines until 1984, when the MAC was first released. The company couldn’t compete against the coming digital type age. in 2006, Font Diner acquired the collection of type and has been digitizing it ever since.

The typeface can be purchased through either MyFonts or You Work for Them for the low price of $29.00.

Type Love: Glenlake by You Work For Them

— Via Design Work Life

Type Love: Valuco by Aesthetic Apparatus

Aesthetic Apparatus released it’s much awaited typeface. Valuco, in July. The design started with a silkscreen print series they did, “YES, WE’RE SORRY WE’RE,” mimicking the iconic “Sorry, We’re…” signs. The hype around the typeface was so great that they decided to run a KickStarter to build the capital to bring Valuco to the masses.

The the uppercase beveled typeface comes in 5 variations, for only $50 on MyFonts.

Aesthetic Apparatus — Valuco Typeface

— Via Design Work Life

Type Love: Blanch by Atipus on Lost Type Co-op

Available as a pay-what-you-want download on the awesome website Lost Type Co-op, Blanch is a mixture of 50s era san-serifs blended with the numbering of classic labeling machines. The type face was deigned by the Barcelona studio Atipus.

Blanch Typeface by Atipus on Lost Type Co-op

Good Design Makes Me Happy

Type Love: Neo Orient by Uğur İslim

I really love the personality of the Neo Orient typeface by Istanbul, Turkey based designer and typographer Uğur İslim. The typeface includes both a standard set and an initials set that are equally beautiful. Unfortunately I can’t find any more information on the typeface or whether it’s available for purchase.

Type Love Neo Orient by Ugur Islim

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