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Bote by Big-Game for Materia

I’m a huge fan of the Lausanne based design studio Big-Game and the new toy series, Bote for new Portuguese company Materia, doesn’t disappoint. These beautiful cast cork and white plastic boats have interchangeable cabins and containers that allow you to customize your set. Bote will be launched at this years Milan Design Week (April 12–17) at Via San Marco 38.

Photographs by Julien Chavaillaz.

Bote by Big-Game for Materia

— Via Dezeen

Wooden Giants toy ships by Papa Foxtrot

When I was young I had a toy sail boat that I adored. I played with it all the time, sailing in the pond, creek, and even the bath tub. The Wooden Giants toy ship series by Papa Foxtrot, a new toy brand from London-based design studio Postlerferguson, feels like it could be one of those toys your kids play with until the paint wears off, then wish they still had when they become my age.

The toys are replicas of the The Emma Maersk, The Arctic Princess and The TI Asia, three of the largest cargo ships in the world, and are lovingly crafted out of hardwoods. Each of the ships has cargo that can be loaded and unload.

From Postlerferguson:

Behind the sheer gigantic complexity and abstraction of the global logistic system hides an intriguing beauty of radical functionality and almost organic, nerve-like organization. We aim to translate its machine protagonists into a very familiar format of classic wooden toys and objects. Wooden toys were on the height of success in the middle of the last century and quickly got pushed aside by a tsunami of cheap plastic toys and now barely occupy a niche segment.

The Wooden Toy Ship mini-series is about reintroducing a sense of the grandeur of current technological feats to the wooden toy. The quality of the materials, reduced aesthetic and sense of technological optimism draw on the classic language of wood toys, while the updated subject matter introduces essential aspects of global modernism into the home.

Wooden Giants by Postlerferguson for Papa Foxtrot

Wooden Giants by Postlerferguson for Papa FoxtrotWooden Giants by Postlerferguson for Papa FoxtrotWooden Giants by Postlerferguson for Papa Foxtrot

Wooden Giants by Postlerferguson for Papa FoxtrotWooden Giants by Postlerferguson for Papa Foxtrot

Emerson Doll House by Brinca Dada

The perfect doll house for a modern family, The Emerson House doll house by Brinca Dada even has a working solar roof! They even designed furniture and dolls for the house.

From the Designers:

Newly listed, the Emerson House is the perfect home for the modern family. The home has six rooms including a living room, kitchen, library/office, master bedroom, bathroom and child’s bedroom. With its large, open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows, the Emerson House enjoys year-round sunlight. The modern house features many extras including mitered-glass corners, two fireplaces, sliding glass doors, solar panels, and recessed LED lights. Finally, the house is easy on the environment with only non-toxic and lead-free wood stains and paints.

Emerson House

Emerson Doll House by Brinca Dada

Project Squadt – Sinister Minifigs

I really love these vinyl toys from Project Squadt, but they never seem to last more than a few days in stock when they release a new figure. Project Squadt is a collaboration between Ferg and ThreeZero, brought to you by Jamungo.

Project Squadt was started by Clay Ferguson, aka Ferg, in 2009. It all started one night as he was falling asleep. He thought it would be cool to combine a soft vinyl figure with 1/6th scale attributes, like real clothing and accessories. and then, with the addition of the interchangeable skull-helmets. Clay wrote a backstory to define the feel of the characters that basically boils down to “pissed off little beings that are destined to battle eternally amongst themselves.”

Squadt Toys - Nozzel

Squadt Toys - ChippSquadt Toys - ChippsSquadt Toys - Gassed

Squadt Toys - NozzelSquadt Toys - GhostSquadt Toys - Nozzel

— Via Sub-Studio

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