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This Week’s Posts 02/25/12 — 03/02/12

This Weeks Post

1. REX, a beautiful free typeface by Fontfabric

Rex is a beautiful new, & free, typeface by designer Svetoslav Simov of Fontfabric. Rex comes in three weights, light, bold, & bold inline, and is a perfect geometric typeface for use in headlines. The typeface works equally well on screen and off.

2. The Chicago Neighborhoods Project by Steve Shanabruch

The Chicago Neighborhoods is a beautiful & extensive personal project by Chicago resident Steve Shanabruch. Steve set out to brand every neighborhood in his beloved city and the results are quite stunning

This Week’s Posts 02/18/12 — 02/24/12

This Weeks Post

1. Faceture Vases by Phil Cuttance

The Faceture Vases, by London based designer Phil Cuttance, are a series of hand cast, faceted vases that incorporate variance in the core design of the object. Each piece is made on a beautiful hand powered machine that Cuttance built specific for the project.

2. Type Love: Fancy Antique Display by Infamous Foundry

Fancy Antique Display is a beautiful new typeface, inspired by French decorative fonts of the ’40′s & ’50′s, by Infamous Foundry.

3. Åsta Stool by design student Karin Ekwall

Design student Karin Ekwall’s brilliantly simple and elegant Åsta Stool borrows joinery techniques from the old-fashioned wooden clamps she used in her school’s wood shop.

4. Branding & Collateral for Symbiosol by Franziska Veh

The branding package and collateral for Symbiosol by designer Franziska Veh is clean and simple but with a bright vibrant twist.

This Week’s Posts 02/04/12 — 02/10/12

This Weeks Post

1. The Resolve Project

The Resolve Project, by designer Chris Streger, started as a way to honor his new years resolutions and keep them around throughout the year. Chris reached out to designers and asked them to design an iPhone background of their new years resolution.

2. “72DP” Underground Car Park by Craig & Karl

I cant get enough of “72dp,” the newest in a long string of recent large-scale works by the NY & Sydney based team Craig & Karl. The underground parking garage is in a private residence in Sydney designed by award-winning architects Marsh Cashman Koolloos.

3. Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film
by Danny Cooke

This beautifully shot short film, “Upside Down, Left To Right” was shot and directed by film maker Danny Cooke and delves into the world of a letterpress workshop, run by Paul Collier, at Plymouth University in the UK.

4. Special Delivery Note Cards by Love Letters Paper Co.

Special Delivery, by the amazing designer (and girlfriend to me) Liz Trost, is a boxed set of 5 fill-in-the-blank note cards. Each card has the beginnings of a message that can go either sweet or sultry and it’s sure to get a smile out of anyone getting one in the mail.

This Week’s Posts 01/28/12 — 02/03/12

This Weeks Post

1. Tiffin Lunch Kit by Lorea Sinclaire

The Tiffin Lunch Kit by Vancouver, Canada based designer Lorea Sinclaire is a beautiful experiment in mobile eating. The porcelain and steel lunch kit, with its ties to bento boxes, can accommodate a large array of lunch combinations in an easy to carry & store kit.

2. FELIX Desk Organizer by LESS & MORE

The FELIX Desk Organizer is a brilliantly simple organizer for your desktop clutter by LESS & MORE, an Vienna based label run by visual artists Leo & Hannah. The Poplar wood is hand-finished with an environmentally safe coating.

This Week’s Posts 01/21/12 — 01/27/12

This Weeks Post

1. The Shed by Richard Peters Associates

The Shed, by Sydney, Australia based Richard Peters Associates is a brand new renovation of a 1890 blacksmith’s shop. The beautiful open floor plan takes advantage of every nook of the space.

2. Beautiful Cutting Boards by Lostine

These amazing color-blocked cutting boards are lovingly hand-made in Philadelphia by Lostine out of locally grown Sycamore. The beautiful finish with the added detail of the leather handles and the bright pops of color make for one awesome cutting board.

3. The Art of Jesse Brown

The Seattle, WA based artist Jesse Brown’s work is elegantly graphic. His arrangements of shapes, colors, type and pattern come beautifully to life in his work.

4. “Empty Memory” by Logical Art

“Empty Memory” is a new collection of artistic memory sticks designed by London based Logical Art. The sticks come in two styles, Structure and Transparent. The Structure sticks are cast from stainless steel and the Transparent sticks are cast from acrylic resin.

This Week’s Posts 01/14/12 — 01/20/12

This Weeks Post

1. Yara WL Chair by Stefan Westmeyer for Girsberger

The beautiful Yara WL Chair by designer Stefan Westmeyer for furniture manufacturer Girsberger is built from solid Oak or Ash an comes in either leather or fabric upholstery.

2. Ball Point Pen Paintings by Shane McAdams

These Ball Point Pen Paintings by Brooklyn based artist Shane McAdams are possibly the coolest art ever made out of ball point pens.

3. Branding & Collateral for Five & Dime by Bravo Company

Five & Dime is a restaurant & cafe in Singapore with some really amazing new branding courtesy of Bravo Company. The design comes from a coin, the tender of choice in old five & dime stores across the US.

This Weeks Posts 01/07/12 — 01/13/12

This Weeks Post

1. Shelving System by Daniele Luciano Ferrazzano

The Shelving System by Stuttgart, Germany based designer Daniele Luciano Ferrazzano is built from modular parts without the need for tools and fasteners.

2. Type Love: Villa Didot by Sascha Timplan

The Villa Didot type family by designer & typographer Sascha Timplan of StereoTypes, is one beautiful free typeface. The typeface was originally designed to be used in a series of posters for the club villaWuller, but the designer has released this early version for free.

3. Natural Materials by Veronika Paluchova

I really must own this dish rack by Slovakian designer Veronika Paluchova. The rack is part of a set of work in which the designer explores items that are both functional & a little comical.

This Weeks Posts 12/24/11 — 01/06/12

This Weeks Post

1. MacHook by Workerman

This is a really brilliant & simple solution to an annoying problem, how to store your headphones neatly at your computer. If you have an iMac, and a spare $15, the MacHook by Adam Brackney of Workerman is just what you need.

2. “In Caffeine We Trust Poster” by Column Five

As a year-end appreciation for their clients, the amazing talents at Column Five, a design firm specializing in data-visualizations based in Newport Beach, CA, put together the “In Caffeine We Trust” poster. This beautiful poster tracks the caffeine consumption over the period of month and is meant to be filled in using the very drink it tracks.

3. Type Love: Neo Orient by Uğur İslim

I really love the personality of the Neo Orient typeface by Istanbul, Turkey based designer and typographer Uğur İslim. The typeface includes both a standard set and an initials set that are equally beautiful.

4. Revolver by studio Henny van Nistelrooy

Revolver is a beautiful, modular storage system, by design studio Henny van Nistelrooy, and is based off of a reversible bent metal shelf shelf and Douglas Fir uprights with retaining pins.

5. Ceramics by James & Tilla Waters

I love the beautiful ceramic work by the duo James & Tilla Waters. Their elegant ceramic bowls, cups and containers are hand made in their small farm studio in Carmarthenshire, Wales. The simple forms are complimented beautifully by the subtle colors and the brilliant pop or red at their bases.

This Weeks Posts 12/17/11 — 12/23/11

This Weeks Post

1. The Moses Bridge by RO&AD Architecten

The The Moses Bridge, by RO & AD Architecten, challenges our perception of what a bridge really is. The bridge, which leads across the moat at a 17th Century Dutch fort, actually goes down through the water to preserve the historic view of the fort. Pretty brilliant if you ask me. The project is a finalist in the 2011 Dutch Design Awards.

2. Urban Wineworks Branding & Collateral
by Foundry Collective

Usually when I shop for wine, I stay safe and pick the wines I know, but this eye-catching branding for Urban Wineworks, by Dallas, Texas based Foundry Collective, would definitely pull me into buying.

3. Type Love: Paris by Moshik Nadav

Paris is an amazing new typeface by Israeli designer Moskik Nadav. This amazingly ornate typeface includes some of the most beautiful and creative ligatures I’ve seen this years. The typeface works best at Title size and pairs beautifully with more traditional slab-serifs & includes 9 weights

4. The Amazing “Little Shining Man Kite”

The amazing Little Shining Man Kite was thought up by Heather and Ivan Morison & designed by Sash Reading and engineered by the folks at Queen & Crawford. Not only is this kite beautiful, its a work of engineering art. Its made up of 1700 3D printed parts, carbon fiber rods, and cuben fiber aerospace fabric.

5. Bravais Desk by Dana Cannam

Dana Cannam continues his amazing work with the Bravais Desk, a modular solid wood desk that can be arranged & customized to fit any need. What’s amazing about the Bravais Desk is that it is all done with no hardware, much like the Clamp Lamp Cannam designed for Pablo earlier this year.

This Weeks Posts 12/10/11 — 12/16/11

This Weeks Post

1. Quote Notebooks, Ogami Collection by
Officemilano & Paolo Frello

These beautiful notebooks, designed by Officemilano in partnership with Paolo Frello for Ogami, are printed in primary colors with heavy black text, reminiscent of graphic design from the 70′s.

2. Type Love: Altis by Typolar

The typeface Altis, by Helsinki, Finland based type foundry Typolar, balances geometric regularity with a touch of soulfulness. Altis comes in 10 weights, from an airy light, to a masculine bold, all are rendered for readability for both print and modern digital publishing.

3. Mantis desk by Samuel Wilkinson for Case

Samuel Wilkinson, the designer behind the Plumen bulb & Brit Insurance Design of the Year Award winner, has just released his newest project, Mantis, a modular desk system designed for London furniture manufacturer Case.

4. Tomorrowland, Paintings by Micah Ganske

Tomorrow Land, a series of giant paintings by Hawaiian born, New York based artist Micah Ganske, highlights America’s strive for technology and its casualties. The paintings, with their shadows of planes, telescopes, satellites and other unknown devices hovering above, depict the tragedies of America’s toxic and abandoned landscapes.

5. Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper set by Gift Couture

This is by far the best wrapping paper idea I have ever seen! The Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper set by Gift Couture, $20 for a complete set of 27″x 40″ wrapping paper that looks like the parts of a cheeseburger!

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