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I couldn’t agree more!

&#8220The creative adult is the child who survived.&#8221

– U. LeGuin

— Via Swiss Miss, via VisualNews

On Digging holes & life

Although I couldn’t agree more, sometimes its hard to know, or accept, that your “digging a hole” in the wrong place.

&#8220If you’re digging a hole in the wrong place, making it deeper doesn’t help anything.&#8221

— Via SwissMiss, Seymour Chwast (via Michael Bierut at the BrandNewConference)

On good, a quote by Paul Rand

&#8220Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.&#8221

— Paul Rand, via Jason Santa Maria

Albert Einstein on Simplicity

&#8220Things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.&#8221

— Albert Einstein, via Design Quotes Display

Quotes on Design: Ståle Melvær

&#8220Stop looking at yourself as a designer, and start thinking of yourself as a deliverer of ideas.&#8221

— Ståle Melvær via Design Quotes Display

Quotes on Design: Kevin Mullet

Today is the start of a jam packed week for me so I needed a little design inspiration. I have 3 major deadlines, two of which are today and this quote really hits to the work that needs to be done. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Its something I’m always looking to do.

&#8220The most powerful designs are always the result of a continuous process of simplification and refinement.&#8221

— Kevin Mullet, Via Design Quotes Display

Louis Kahn on the nature of Art

&#8220The creation of art is not the fulfillment of a need but the creation of a need. The world never needed Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony until he created it. Now we could not live without it.&#8221

— Via Bobulate

&#8220Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.&#8221

— Louis Kahn, Architect

&#8220People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.&#8221

— Chinese Proverb

&#8220One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.&#8221

— Unknown Via @tinybuddha

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