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Where Things Come From: An Animation by Hardy Seiler

This beautiful little animation, “Where Things Come From,” by student Hardy Seiler explores of the question, “What do we want to know if all information is permanently available [online]?”

Where Things Come From: An Animation by Hardy Seiler

Graphics: Hardy Seiler
Text: Hardy Seiler & Daniel Nauck
Motion-Design: Jascha Müller & Jonathan Winkler
Sound: Torsten Strer
Speaker: Peter Bennett
Support: Stefan Heijnk

The Carpenter, a short film by Dimitris Ladopoulos

Dimitris Ladopoulos is a talented film maker, illustrator and designer working in Athens, Greece creating beautiful things. His latest project, a short film called The Carpenter, is the first of a series of shorts Dimitris plans on doing in which he looks at the art & science of professionals working with their hands. His talent behind the camera is matched equally by his ability to add elegant motion graphics over the footage to explain the details within each shot.

The Carpenter, a short film by Dimitris Ladopoulos

— Via Campsite

New Videos for EF Language School’s “Live The Language”

The four original videos that were part of the EF Language School’s “Live The Language” series were really something and the three new ones they have recently completed are nothing short of spectacular. The three new videos, Sydney, Vancouver and Los Angeles add some subtle color to the motion graphics but mostly hold true to the original videos.

Directed by Gustav Johansson
D.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf
Typography: Albin Holmqvist
Music: Magnus Lidehäll
Produced at Camp David

F5 Fest & Motion Graphics

I’m just learning about the F5 Fest right now and it seems like a stellar conference and it is being presented and explained with this awesome motion-graphic. F5 is a cutting-edge creativity festival the explores the intersection of art, design and entertainment. They bring together speakers, big-thinkers, artists, and future-minded individuals with the power and desire to create substantive change in the world.

F5 Fest Motion Graphic

Creative Direction & Design: Vincent Diga
Producer: Ventura Castro
Lead Animator: Corey Hall
Animation: Steffen Kuronen & Chris Dinicolas
Additional Animation: Brandon Lori, Kate Presbury, Samantha Choquette & Carlos Moore
Music & Mix: Mark Bordenet
Audio Recorded at: Skinnyman

Via — Campsite, via Motionographer

Legwork: What We Learned

The good people at Legwork in Denver Colorado were asked “what they learn in the last year” by a local advertising blog, The Denver Egotist. Their response, a short motion graphic video that is as beautiful and engaging as it is smart.

Legwork: What We Learned

Legwork: What We Learned

Animated Gettysburg Address by Adam Gault

The Gettysburg Address is a speech that was, and is still, pivotal in the history of our nation has faded to the backs of our minds. Through the genius of Adam’ Gault’s animation, this three minute video, Adam brings us back to the speech and shows us that design can revive forgotten history.

Read by: Mitch Rapoport.
Design and animation: Adam Gault & Stefanie Augustine.
Sound design: Chris Villepigue
Additional animation: Carlo Vega.

— Via Campsite

The State of The Internet by JESS3

JESS3, a creative interactive agency, put together The State of The Internet data visualization for the AIGA conference in Baltimore this year. This makes these numbers a little more digestible if not more beautiful.

This Is You by Fairly Painless Advertising for Herman Miller

Michigan’s Fairly Painless Advertising created “This Is You,” a gorgeous animated piece to not only tell people about a brilliant place to work, but remind Herman Miller employees they’ve already found one. If I had to work for a large corporation, Herman Miller would be in my top five choices.

Animation: Karin Fong with Imaginary Forces
Music & Mix: Comma & Particle

White Box by Makoto Yabuki

I saw this a while ago some were but thanks to DesignBoom for digging it up again. Makoto Yabuki started his career in 1997 and opened Tangram, a visual design studio.

Artist’s statement

It is a work made as the visual identity of architects office Sturdy Style. Their corporate identity is home creating without stereotype. The architect faces the white box symbolizing a home, and designs harmony between the life and the environment. By using CG, we can see his imagination graphically. Finally he creates the ideal home with his sincere desire.

Production: TANGRAM
Director: Makoto Yabuki
Camera: Masashi Sasaki
Music: Takaya Murakami

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