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Maddie on Things by Theron Humphrey

Photographer Theron Humphrey adopted Maddie, a 1yo Coonhound before setting off a year-long trip to document everyday life and people in all 50 states. During the trip, Theron noticed that Maddie had the peculiar ability of unwavering patience and balance and he began to document Maddie as well. He collected his Maddie photographs on a blog he setup entitled, Maddie on Things. Little did he know that this dog would change his life and push him forward in a new direction and purpose. After completing his year long trip across the United States, he’s heading out again, this time with a new project, focusing on rescue dogs for Why We Rescue, and a book tour of the now famous Maddie on Things photographs.

Maddie on Things by Theron Humphrey

The Case Bosques Mug by Jorge Diego Etienne & Savvy Studio

The Case Bosques Mug designed by designed by Jorge Diego Etienne in collaboration with Savvy Studio takes two materials, ceramic and wood and simply molds them together to create a beautifully perfect mug. The mugs are all hand made in Monterey, Mexico.

The Case Bosques Mug by Jorge Diego Etienne & Savvy Studio

— Via The Fox Is Black

‘Special Delivery’ mad lib love letters by Love Letters Paper Co.

Special Delivery, is a boxed set of 5 fill-in-the-blank note cards. Each card has the beginnings of a message that can go either sweet or sultry and it’s sure to get a smile out of anyone getting one in the mail.

Love Letter’s entire line of products are hand printed on French paper in Philadelphia by hand. The cards come beautifully boxed (5 for $18.50) or as singles (for $5.50) and are available on the Letters Paper Co. Etsy shop.

Special Delivery Note Cards by Love Letters


Desktructure by Hector Serrano for Seletti

The modular desk organizer, designed by London based design Hector Serrano for the Italian company Seletti, is made from white porcelain and comes in 3 variations, Warehouse, Ship, and City. The pieces can either be used separately or organized together to create your own architecture.

Desktructure by Hector Serrano for Seletti

— Via DesignMilk

The First 70: A film about the people fighting to save parks that are slated to be closed in California

The First 70 is a documentary about the people fighting to keep the 70 parks in California that are slated to be closed by the state government due to budget cuts. This film follows the people through 70 parks in 120 days, allowing us to see the beauty and history that would be lost.

Smart Phone Notebook Version 2 by Nothing Design Group

Smart Phone Notebook Version 2 by Jin-Woog Koo, director of the Korean studio Nothing Design Group, is a brilliant mash-up of the two things designer carry around the most. Their phone and a sketch book.

The note book allows you to interact with the digital universe in relation to the physicality of pen and paper. As someone who always has his phone on next to him while he’s sketching, looking up things or using the calculator, this product would change my world.

The note book is 8.5″ x 11″ and has 176 pages and is note currently on sale yet in the US, but hopefully will be soon.

Smart Phone Notebook Version 2 by Nothing Design Group

— Via DesignBoom

“In Caffeine We Trust Poster” by Column Five

As a year-end appreciation for their clients, the amazing talents at Column Five, a design firm specializing in data-visualizations based in Newport Beach, CA, put together the “In Caffeine We Trust” poster. This beautiful poster tracks the caffeine consumption over the period of month and is meant to be filled in using the very drink it tracks.

Users track their intake for the month then fill the poster out using coffee as paint. They gave one to each of their partners & clients and have produced a limited run that’s available for only $29.95 on their website.

In Caffeine We Trust Poster by Column Five

— Via SwissMiss

MacHook by Workerman

This is a really brilliant & simple solution to an annoying problem, how to store your headphones neatly at your computer. If you have an iMac, and a spare $15 ($20 for the decoupaged version), the MacHook by Adam Brackney of Workerman is just what you need.

Sure, you could make one yourself, but you haven’t and I’m pretty sure your wouldn’t have the “nano-suction technology” that the MacHook uses to adhere, and cleanly remove, to your Mac.

MacHook by Workerman

— Via The Fox is Black

The Amazing “Little Shining Man Kite”

The amazing Little Shining Man Kite was thought up by Heather and Ivan Morison & designed by Sash Reading and engineered by the folks at Queen & Crawford. Not only is this kite beautiful, its a work of engineering art. Its made up of 1700 3D printed parts, carbon fiber rods, and cuben fiber aerospace fabric.

The Amazing "Little Shining Man Kite"

— Via Today & Tomorrow

Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper set by Gift Couture

This is by far the best wrapping paper idea I have ever seen. The Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper set by Sarah Fay & Justin Colt of Gift Couture, is currently being funded through Kickstarter and for a gift of $20 or more you get a complete set of 27″x 40″ wrapping paper.

That’s 2 buns, a hamburger, a slice of cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, all of the components of a Cheeseburger, minus the bacon, which you can get for a gift of $1,00o or more.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the Gift Couture themed lines are going to be in the future! Be sure to visit the Gift Couture Kickstarter page!

Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper set by Gift Couture

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