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ICFF 2011 – Wood Peg furniture system by Studio Gorm

Studio Gorm (John Arndt & Wonhee Jeong) released Wood Peg, a furniture system takes its inspiration from diverse areas, Shaker furniture, tradition Korean hung table, and the lowly broom handle, and mixes them into an exciting new product. The system, which stores neatly on the wall mounted peg rail, includes table tops, legs, lamp parts, stool tops, can all be assembled without tools to fit almost any need. Studio Gorm used solid Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Oak, Ash & Walnut Hickory to give Wood Peg variety in color without the need for additional coatings.

ICFF 2011 - Wood Peg furniture system by Studio Gorm

— Via SwissMiss

ICFF 2011 — Mash Studios LAXseries

Mash Studios released some new additions to their popular LAXseries line of furniture. The line, consisting of bedroom, office, living room and dining room pieces, is minimal, featuring clean lines, solid wood construction and beautiful details of bent metal drawer fronts and sliding doors. The pieces are all reasonably priced and available online through

ICFF 2011 — Mash Studios LAXseries

ICFF 2011 — Ilex Lounge Chair & Side Tables by Elemental Living

I really love the clean lines of the Ilex Lounge Chair & Side Table by Denver, Colorado based studio Elemental Living. The chair, which is really comfortable, and the side tables mix sturdy powder coated steel legs (in a huge selection of colors) and plywood to create a modern look with a hint of industrial inspiration. Jonathan Coppin & Scott Dergance were able to reference the furniture greats, van der Roh, Saarinen, Nelson, and Noguch, and mix their styles together, along with the duo’s own, to create entirely new and dynamic pieces.

ICFF 2011 — Ilex Lounge Chair by Elemental Living

ICFF 2011 — Everyday Table by Linea1

The Everyday Table, by designers Irina Jurasic & Francesco Apuzzo of the Berlin based studio Linea1, is a simple, elegant table with legs that seem to reference the mechanical legs of a walking robot or insect while still feeling light & natural. The Table was shown as part of the Design Deutschland exhibition at this years ICFF.

ICFF 2011 — Everyday Table by Linea1

ICFF 2011 — The Trapeze LED Table Light by Peter Stathis with JOBY

The Trapeze LED Table Light, designed by Peter Stathis of Virtual Studio in partnership with JOBY, is an elegant LED task light that can be maneuvered to direct the light in any direction. The light is available in two sizes, the smaller of which has two axis, and the larger, 3 axis of movement. The small Trapeze light sells for $300 and the large for only $350 over on JOBY’s online store with your choice of white or blue!

The Trapeze LED Table Light by Peter Stathis with JOBY

ICFF 2011 – New Products from MIO: Tack Frame & Foldscape

MIO released two new amazing products at ICFF this year along with new colorways for their Nomad System. The new products, both by MIO’s Creative Director Jaime Salm and designer Alex Undi, Tack Frame & 4 styles of Foldscape drop ceiling tiles, Bloom, Crystal, Peak & Square represent new directions for MIO with the old technologies they have made relevant again in product design.

Tack Frame
Tack Frame comes in two styles, Square and Oval, with both being available in Tan cork and Dark cork. The rococo styling mixed with MIO simplicity creates a really fun product that is sure to look amazing on anyone’s wall. Square is $65.00 and Oval is $95.00, both are a good deal for such beautiful tack boards!

MIO Dark Square Tack Frame

MIO Dark Oval Tack FrameMIO Tan Oval Tack FrameMIO Tan Square Tack Frame


MIO’s first foray into re-defining the ubiquitous and hugely ugly drop ceiling tiles can only be described as amazing! The Foldscape 3D folded cardboard tiles come in four styles, Bloom, Crystal, Peak & Square and will add a breath of fresh air to any office saddled with drop ceilings. The 2’x2′ tiles come in white for now and are sold 24 to a pack for only $98.00. That’s 96 sq. ft. of unbelievable ceiling per box!

MIO Peak Foldscape

MIO Crystal FoldscapeMIO Bloom Foldscape

— Disclaimer, I used to work for MIO but I’m not biased, their new products really are amazing

ICFF 2011 – STAGG Dining Table by Hooker & Co.

I love the STAGG Dining Table by Brooklyn based Hooker & Co. All of their furniture is made using recycled and reclaimed materials. The STAGG Dining Table uses reclaimed barn maple that has be beautifully eaten away by termites over its previous life creating a wonderful pattern of holes and grooves. The brightly colored base was machined and welded out of reclaimed steel and powder coated red.

ICFF 2011 - STAGG Dining Table by Hooker & Co.

ICFF 2011 — Heiress Collection by Studio Dunn

The new Heiress Collection of the Tessie Chair, Doris Dining Table and Alletta Mirror, was released at ICFF this year by the Pawtucket, Rhode Island based design firm Studio Dunn. The team of Asher Dunn, Andrew Mau & Emily Woratzeck have designed some really amazing hand-crafted furniture in the past but I believe the Heiress Collection to be their crowning glory.

The clean lines mixed with beautiful hard-wood and stellar craftsmanship all come together into a collection that I can only hope will grow. The proportions of all the elements fit perfectly together with the slight angles and the elegant detail of the relieved edges that expose the strong grains in the wood.

Heiress Collection by Studio Dunn - Tessie Chair

ICFF 2011 — Branch light by Rich Brilliant Willing

Another amazing light from this years ICFF, the Branch light from Rich Brilliant Willing is a vibrantly colored light that comes in four styles, floor standing, table top, sconce, and a chandelier with a multitude of color variations. Branch uses bent plywood arms attached to a central “hub” that each have their own light source diffused with an elegant perforated brass shade . You can order the light with either one, two, or three arms to fit various lighting needs.

ICFF 2011 — Branch light by Rich Brilliant Willing

ICFF 2011 — Settee Rocker Board By Design

Settee Rocker is a classic re-imagined by Carbondale, Colorado based design studio Board By Design. The studio, founded by designer Brad Reed Nelson in 2001, produces beautifully hand-crafted furniture. Settee Rocker features a vibrant red powder coated steel frame with a North Carolina Walnut back & seat and was shown at this years ICFF.

ICFF 2011 — Settee Rocker Board By Design

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