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Beautiful Gadget Sleeves & Bags by Stash

These bags and gadget sleeves by Stash Bags are really beautiful. All are hand made by Mari in Omaha, Nebraska using gorgeous vintage fabrics. She’s got iPad, iPhone, Ipod, laptop, e-reader and camera bags in some really beautiful fabrics. The products are all reasonably priced, ranging from $32 for an iPhone sleeve to $120 for a 17″ laptop messenger bag.

Beautiful Gadget Sleeves & Bags by Stash

iVictrola by Made-Craft at Design Within Reach in November

I’m really loving this iVictrola dock by Made-Craft. The iPhone & iPad models will be on limited sale, for $985, through DWR in November but they can also be bought through Made-Craft’s Etsy page. The merging of the digital device and a vintage Magnavox phonograph horn creates a one of kind dock that uses passive amplification to shoot your audio around the room. The bases are hand crafted from beautiful pieces of American Walnut.

iVictrola by Made-Craft at Design Within Reach in Nov.

The Natural Speaker by Joon&Jung

I want a pair of these speakers so badly. The Natural Speaker by Eindhoven based design studio Joon&Jung (Joonsoo Kim & Jungyou Choi) are hand-crafted cast porcelain speakers that have a wooden dowel sound box below that gives the sound a natural feeling resonance, much like an acoustic instrument. Not only are the self-amplified Natural Speakers amazingly beautiful, they have a really great “warm” sound to them missing from today’s mass market speakers.

The Natural Speaker by Joon&Jung

MS&Co. Selvage Sleeves

Amazingly simple Selvage Sleeves for iPad & iPhone, Field Notes notebooks, & glasses by Portland based MS&Co. The sleeves use 100% White Oak denim that is still manufactured in same the White Oak plant that has been since 1905. The denim is narrow selvage denim that is still made on vintage shuttle looms. It your not a denim aficionados, and I am not, this is all good. Apparently White Oak denim is the best there is, hands down.

The Selvage Sleeves can be purchased for between $28.00 and $48.00 on the MS&Co website.

MS&Co. Selvage Sleaves

MS&Co. Selvage SleavesMS&Co. Selvage SleavesMS&Co. Selvage Sleaves

The best iPad cases & stands

The early adopters of the iPad had a few options for stands and cases but non of them really shined, even Apple’s iPad case is horrible. After trying about 5 different cases and just as many stands, These are the 4 products that I feel are the top in their category.

Freitag F23

Available at Freitag online for approx. $90 USD Freitag F23 iPad Case

Hard Graft

Available at Hard Graft online for approx. $75 USD Hard Graft Heritage iPad Case

Hard Graft Heritage iPad CaseHard Graft Heritage iPad CaseHard Graft Heritage iPad Case


Available at TwelveSouth online for approx. $40 USD Twelve South Compass iPad Stand

Twelve South Compass iPad StandTwelve South Compass iPad StandTwelve South Compass iPad Stand


Available at MoviePeg online for approx. $20 USD MoviePeg iPad Stand

MoviePeg iPad StandMoviePeg iPad StandMoviePeg iPad Stand

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