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The ABC of Architects by Federico Gonzalez and Andrea Stinga

The ABC of Architects by the Colombian duo Federico Gonzalez & Andrea Stinga is either a brilliant primer on the worlds premier architects or a beautiful nostalgic reminder of the creative forces in the built world.

The ABC of Architects by Federico Gonzalez & Andrea Stinga

— Via DesignBoom

Hyper Island: Hard Facts

As if any of needed anymore reason to wish we were attending Hyper Island’s program! During fall 2010 Hyper Island asked market researcher NEPA to conduct a student and employer survey to find out about student & employee satisfaction, map skills developed by the students, and see where students were going after the program.

The culmination is this great little animation done by Claudio Salas with voice overs by Madeleine Fia Matsson.

Hyper Island: Hard Facts

Ecoland – Bubble Story by Denis van Waerebeke

Ecoland – Bubble Story, by Denis van Waerebeke, is a cute little video that explains the complex problem of how we got into the economic mess we are in right now.

&#8220To prevent an economic disaster in 2008,
world states spent [2 trillion] dollars to
save a number of banks from bankruptcy.
How did the bankers’ problem turn into
OUR problem?&#8221

By: Denis van Waerebeke
Story Line: David Duhamel
Graphic Design: Laurent Bazart
Animation: Jimmy Audoin
Voice: Rachel Williams
Music: Etienne Charry
© Quark 2010

— Via BeginBeing

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