“The Aldas Project: 366 Drawings for Good” by Kristy Modarelli

The Aldas Project: 366 Drawings for Good is the beautiful brainchild of artists Kristy Modarelli. The project began on January 1st, 2012 and will continue through the end of the year. Kristy makes a drawing every day, a daunting task in itself, and puts the images up for sale on the Aldas Project Etsy page for $100 each.

The “for Good” part of the project is that Kristy will donate $25 for each sold print to one of her 3 favorite charities: 826 National, The Schoerke Foundation, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society with the purchaser choosing which charity he/she would like the money to go to.

The Aldas Project - 366 Drawings for Good by Kristy Modarelli

— Via Black. White. Yellow