This Weeks Posts 12/17/11 — 12/23/11

This Weeks Post

1. The Moses Bridge by RO&AD Architecten

The The Moses Bridge, by RO & AD Architecten, challenges our perception of what a bridge really is. The bridge, which leads across the moat at a 17th Century Dutch fort, actually goes down through the water to preserve the historic view of the fort. Pretty brilliant if you ask me. The project is a finalist in the 2011 Dutch Design Awards.

2. Urban Wineworks Branding & Collateral
by Foundry Collective

Usually when I shop for wine, I stay safe and pick the wines I know, but this eye-catching branding for Urban Wineworks, by Dallas, Texas based Foundry Collective, would definitely pull me into buying.

3. Type Love: Paris by Moshik Nadav

Paris is an amazing new typeface by Israeli designer Moskik Nadav. This amazingly ornate typeface includes some of the most beautiful and creative ligatures I’ve seen this years. The typeface works best at Title size and pairs beautifully with more traditional slab-serifs & includes 9 weights

4. The Amazing “Little Shining Man Kite”

The amazing Little Shining Man Kite was thought up by Heather and Ivan Morison & designed by Sash Reading and engineered by the folks at Queen & Crawford. Not only is this kite beautiful, its a work of engineering art. Its made up of 1700 3D printed parts, carbon fiber rods, and cuben fiber aerospace fabric.

5. Bravais Desk by Dana Cannam

Dana Cannam continues his amazing work with the Bravais Desk, a modular solid wood desk that can be arranged & customized to fit any need. What’s amazing about the Bravais Desk is that it is all done with no hardware, much like the Clamp Lamp Cannam designed for Pablo earlier this year.